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What is the Tillamook Fire Defense Board? 

The Tillamook Fire Defense Board is a dedicated group of community leaders, firefighters, and safety experts committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of Tillamook and its residents. Focused on proactive fire prevention and emergency response, the board collaborates with local authorities, businesses, and residents to implement effective strategies.

What does the defense board do? 

The Tillamook County Fire Defense Board is responsible for enhancing and coordinating fire protection and emergency response efforts within Tillamook County.  Our primary functions include developing and implementing fire defense strategies, managing resources such as equipment and personnel, and ensuring effective communication and collaboration among various fire departments.

We also focus on fire prevention through public education and outreach, conduct inspections to ensure compliance with fire safety codes, and oversee training programs for firefighters.

What's the difference between board and district? 

The primary difference between a county fire defense board and a fire district lies in their scope, governance, and specific functions.

In summary, while a county fire defense board focuses on coordination and strategic oversight at the county level, a fire district provides direct fire protection and emergency services to a specific area within the county.

When is fire season? 

Fire season typically begins on/around June. Fire ban season typically begins on/around July 15th. 

Please be aware of specific fire bans within your area. For specific bans in place and burn season dates, we reccomend reaching out to your local fire department. 

How do I get a burn permit? 

Please contact your local fire department for information about how to submit a burn permit. Every department handles their burn permits/notifications differently.

Where can I find more information about fire safety and prevention?